Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Trust You


From the album Fragmente, 1998

They wait for you with open arms
They testify your charms
And lovers understand
The future that you've planned

But all the people you took advantage of
(They were less than nothing to you)
And all the faces
That tried to give you love

I was just beginning to trust you
But you let me down again
And it has to be said
That you're cruel in the head
And you're spiteful
I was just beginning to like you

Sometimes pleasure is the key
That unlocks honesty
An openness of mind
That opens doors for m

But all the stories that you were making up
(They were only part of the lie)
And all the favours that you were using up

I was just beginning to trust you
But you let me down again
And it has to be said
That you're cruel in the head
And you're spiteful
I was just beginning to like you

I was just beginning to trust you it seems
At the point that you needed to un-pick the seams
Of the life around you
When love surrounds you
And now it's too late
Why do you hate so much?

And all the people you took advantage of...

I was just beginning to trust you...


You Didn't Want Me

Tiger of the Seven Seas

Directed by Luigi Capuano, (1962)

Tiger, an old pirate, is getting to tired to lead his men into battle. He has no son and therefore rightful heir. Consequently, he offers the Santa Maria and half of his secret treasure stash to anyone who can prove themselves in a sword fight there and then. His daughter, Consuelo wins - and against her lover, William Scott. The same night, however, Tiger is killed and William is charged with the killing and is sentenced to death. He managed to evade execution when the Spaniards of Grand Duke Inigo descend upon him. He takes the Santa Maria of which he is now the commander and Consuelo chases after him, determined to bring justice to her father. He goes to her under a white flag and explains that the real culprit works for the Grand Duke and goes after him alone. When he is captured at the garrison, Consuelo is obliged to lead a daring and complicated rescue mission. Then they are both captured. And the Duke's wife, Anna de Cordoba, who is as crafty and intelligent as her husband is moronic and conceited, exchanges their lives for Tiger's treasure. For, it is she who had sent Robert to infiltrate the crew and bring her the whereabouts of the treasure.

"Tiger of the Seven Seas is a pirate themed romance, tale of betrayal and intergender power struggle. A light beverage of buccaneering and bodices. Gianna Maria Canale is great in a lead role and throws herself into the enthusiastic and energetic swordplay with gusto. Her love interest and and sometimes rival, the one time Mr Anita Ekberg, is far less convincing, or indeed interesting." - Nigel Maskell.


There isn't one - so suck my dick Illuminati Jews who are meddling with my browser!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

When You're Gone

The Cranberries, 1996

Hold onto love
That is what I do
Now that I've found you
And from above
Everything's stinking
They're not around you
And in the night
I could be helpless
I could be lonely
Sleeping without you
And in the day
Everything's complex
There's nothing simple
When I'm not around you

Saturday, 7 April 2018


Dolores O'Riordan

From the album No Baggage, 2009

Do you follow me?
I think you're losing your mind

Throw down your sword
Come out of your chamber
You should throw
Throw down your sword
Come out of your chamber

Wanna play with me?
Wanna stay with me?

I think you're losing your mind

Throw down your sword
Come out of your chamber
You should throw
Throw down your sword
Come out of your chamber

There's no where you can hide
No, there's no where you can hide

The Cranberries performing Dreams, 1993

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Seven Golden Men

(Sete Homens De Ouro)

Directed by Marco Vicario, 1965

A film about a bank heist, it follows a gang of men and one woman. It followed the same story line as Topkapi, a Hollywood film made a year earlier, apparently. And that was based on the novel The Light of Day by Eric Ambler.

A professor of crime (Philippe Leroy), his mistress (Rossana Podesta - who is just heavenly and makes the film) and their gang plan to steal tons of gold from a Swiss bank. He's known as the Professor because he's so damn smart!  He monitors the whole operation on his sophisticated video equipment. And outsmarts Giorgia who attempts to double cross him. And calmly and confidently keeps his dangerous, devious, glamorous partner in crime with him because he's always on top of the situation. She would screw him over again if she could but, whether or not the opportunity arises again, it's still in her best interests to stay with him. With the male crew doing the actual labour they form a formidable team.

It looks like Dangerous Diabolik and The Avengers were inspired by these films, at least in part. Then again, it's probably based in the ancient story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in essence!

And here's hypnotic Giorgia again...

  and again...

and again...

 "One of the best intrigue/caper movies ever made! Delightful is the perfect word to describe this film that is full of sci-fi gimmicks, plot twists, slick and not-so-slick criminals, and gorgeous dames. Podesta is a 100% bonafide KNOCKOUT!" - IMDb.

irresistible seductress...

And the sequel, Seven Golden Men Strike Again...

[Video deleted by the Illuminati. They delete anything that's truly wholesome and inspiring from JewTube. lol]



Monday, 2 April 2018

£100,000 payout over 'intolerable' noise

What a joke! How the rich and powerful live is alien to the majority of people. But occasionally we're treated to a glimpse of it. All she needed to do was speak to them several years ago. There is no mention of her ever having tried that. I had to put up with someone walking around in shoes on bare floorboards in the flat above me for a while once. He moved out when he believed I was responsible for chucking a brick through a rear window of his Merc. lol. But maybe he then realised it wasn't an ideal area to park a Mercedes. It's certainly a nightmare, for sure. A whole family! Its hard to imagine. But probably ignorance on their part. These are foreigners. And Muslims. They might only ever have lived in a house in a hot climate with nobody living down below and no reason whatsoever to have carpets. That is the issue. But it's been swept under the carpet I suppose. The rich get richer while the rest of us have to tackle the problems we face in life - which have increased as much as immigration has - the best we can. And avoid the law at all costs! £100 grand! And it just happens to have been awarded to a rich foreign banker! Talk about getting away with it.

"Sarvenaz Fouladi, 38, said the constant bombardment of sounds from the family of five above her Kensington home was keeping her up at night and had affected her ability to work." - Evening Standard.

Sarvenaz Fouladi complained she was subjected to "intolerable" noise from a flat above her £2.6m home (Image: Paul Keogh)

Woman wins £100,000 payout over "intolerable" noise from neighbour's children 'running around like playground' above her £2.6million flat

By Jamie Bullen, 6 March 2018

Sarvenaz Fouladi, 38, claimed youngsters running around, playing and dropping toys - as well as the sound of the boiler, fridge, taps and the fireplace - ruined her peace.

A wealthy banker who sued her upstairs neighbours over the "intolerable" noise from a young family has won a payout of more than £100,000.

Sarvenaz Fouladi, 38, complained she had been subjected to severe disruption as children above her £2.6m Kensington apartment treated their home like a "playground".

Miss Fouladi, who lives with her mum, said youngsters running around and playing as well as the sound of everyday activity such as dishes being washed ruined her peace in the day and kept her up at night.

She sued the couple above - Sarah and Ahmed El Kerrami - for "noise nuisance" and has now won six-figure compensation.

Judge Nicholas Parfitt said it was the noise of simple "day-to-day living" which had caused the problems in the mansion block, off High Street Kensington.

The block of flats in St Mary Abbots Court, Kensington, where Sarvenaz Fouladi claims her life has been blighted by noise nuisance (Image: Paul Keogh)

But the El Kerramis and the family company which owns their flat should have had carpets on the wooden floors in living areas, he said.

And, when the floor was replaced before they moved in, nothing had been done to limit noise transmission between the flats.

"I find that the noises are the noises associated with everyday living," he told Central London County Court.

"I find also that those noises include, on occasion, late night parties, but that such parties - even if they do include singing and drumming - are not frequent.

"I find that the noises include those of children playing and running around, including late at night.

"The impact of the noise is sufficiently loud to be invasive and disturbing to an objective standard."

He added: "I am satisfied that, but for the new floor being as it is, the noise disturbance that I have referred to as present would not have been so."

During the case, the banker told the court she had lived happily in St Mary Abbots Court - a 1920s block with 24-hour porters - for years without noise from above.

It was only when work was done prior to the El Kerramis' arrival in 2010 that her life and that of her mum, Fereshant Salamat, began to be blighted.

Sounds from the boiler, a fridge, taps and the fireplace above began to disturb her sleep at night and relaxation during the day.

The mother and daughter kept a diary, noting down noises they objected to, including the sounds of dishes being washed, kids' voices and "angry breathing".

The children ran around for hours on end, dropping toys and making a racket, she said in her evidence.

"They used it like a playground, kids running and dropping things for seven hours non-stop," she told the judge.

"Before the flat was renovated and all the walls were demolished and the floors were taken out, there was no noise heard from the flat above ours."

Miss Fouladi, who is single, was accused by her neighbours' barrister, Gordon Wignall, of being "hypersensitive" to the activity of a normal family.

The sounds of the kids playing upstairs were simply "ordinary domestic child noises from time to time", he told the court.

The El Kerramis "have only ever lived a sober and normal lifestyle", he said.

Denying she is obsessed, Miss Fouladi told the judge: "I just want to live my life in peace. It's my home. It's where people go for peace and quiet.

"How am I supposed to unwind in my home when I am not able to do so? The noises that come down are intolerable."

Miss Fouladi claimed against the couple and an offshore company, which was described by Mr El Kerrami as a "family asset holding vehicle", which owns the flat.

She claimed the lease on their flat was breached in that changes to the flooring had not been authorised and much of it was not carpeted.

And she said the company and the El Kerramis had caused her "nuisance" by allowing their day-to-day noise to affect her property.

Giving judgment, Judge Parfitt rejected any suggestion that the El Kerramis had created noise deliberately to annoy Miss Fouladi.

And he said the noise diary kept by Miss Fouladi and her mum was "exaggerated" in places.

However, Kensington and Chelsea Council officers had visited and heard excessive and disturbing noise at times, he said.

"I conclude that everyday noises of the type described by the officers could be heard to a disturbing level...and such noises, even at midnight for example, could include children playing," he continued.

He added: "I find that no steps were taken to either design or implement a flooring solution which would mitigate noise transfer."

The noise had been a "real interference" with Miss Faloudi's life at home, he said, adding: "This has been a real and constant presence for her and her mother."

The judge said the lease was breached by the installation of new floors in the El Kerramis' flat without authorisation and by the failure to use carpets in living areas.

And he accepted Miss Fouladi's claim that the El Kerramis and the company had caused her noise "nuisance".

He issued an injunction, ordering the company to do work on the floors in the flat to significantly reduce noise levels.

And he ordered that Miss Fouladi be paid compensation of £107,397.37, rising by £40-a-day until the work is done.

Claims of nuisance and breach of contract made against the freeholder of the block, St Mary Abbots Court Limited, were rejected by the judge,

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Monkey King 2

Directed by Soi Cheang, 2016

Travelling monk Tang Seng (William Feng) is on a mission for the Goddess Guanyin, or Quan Yin, (Kelly Chen) to retrieve some sacred scriptures from a temple far away. While he is stranded in a wasteland, he learns that he is to be accompanied by Sun Wukong, the Monkey King (Aaron Kwok). A thousand-year-old White-Boned Demon, named Baigujing (Gong Li), has her eye on the monk, however, and intends to devour his spirit in order to save herself having to incarnate on Earth again. She has three days in which to achieve this so she plans to have some fun with the monk first. However, the Monkey King, along with his allies Zhu Bajie (Xiao Shen Yang) and Sha Sen, or 'Bro Sha,' (Him Law) get in her way. Which, as wonderfully mesmerising and powerful as she is, complicates the film too much in the end.

Although the Monkey King sees with his fiery eyes of truth and equipped with the power and skill required to effect justice, Guanyin gets in his way in order to teach him to see from the heart. Reason therefore takes a dive while mercy and compassion take us on a more scenic route and lead to a complicated mess). The monk's three companions are, of course, personifications of the qualities he is polishing and perfecting within himself.

Apparently The Monkey King 3 is out now. Not much chance of finding it on at a cinema in England unfortunately.


Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Fate of Swordsman

番外之四海流云 (fanwai zhī si hai liu yun)

Adapted from a 3D online roleplaying game called Jian wang 3 (剑网3)

Directed by Qin Zhen, 2017

Rivalry in the Tang dynasty, the earliest period, that of the Kaiywan Shengshi, the reign of Emperor Xuanzong, approaching the An Luchan Rebellion. (Although it would appear that he has not succeeded to the throne yet - the plot's a bit sketchy). The Crown Prince (Linzi, I think) has plans to revitalise the empire in an alliance with certain warriors in order to end the chaotic situation that has been brought on by threats from groups such as the Wei Clan and Ming Sect. The empire is backed by the powerful Chunyang sect which is at the heart of the state religion. Its head happens to be the great Taoist Immortal Lu Dong Bin in this fantasy adventure. And, while the Crown Prince is preparing to make use of his eldest disciple in this struggle for power when he himself comes to power. Meanwhile, Wu Dan and Mu Sa are plotting to eliminate him because they won't last long in the central plains with him around. Xie Yunliu, a gentle, dignified and reserved man, happens to be an outstanding swordsman who is sure to win the top prize at the Fame Sword Meeting which is due to be held at the Hidden Sword Mountain Village.

These menacing rivals send assassins to kill the Crown Prince but he rode on ahead with his men on horseback leaving his sister alone in the carriage. Something of a tomboy, she soon dispenses of them. However, she is aided by Xie Yunliu who happens to be passing by. He refuses to kill anyone, however. So it's just as well she is happy to shed blood. Xie Yunliu has been given the responsibility of returning young Li Chongmao, third or fourth heir to the throne (I think), to the Eastern Palace at Chang'An, the capital. It appears that these dark forces are behind this move as a way to keep the Crown Prince in check. For he could become his successor one day, should he himself be dispensed of. Perhaps they hope to influence the young boy who has just spent seven years in the monastery. The plot is a tad confusing even though this is based on historical events.

Anyway, Wu Dan invites himself to the Crown Prince's banquet in an attempt to assassinate Xie Yunliu before he even makes it to the tournament since he feels that his partner in crime, Ma Su, who smirks a lot while carrying a brown bullwhip around with her, is sure to lose to him at the Fame Sword Meeting. These two master swordsmen clash using the power at their disposal. The crystals on their swords light up and magic is loose. And Xie Yunliu wins without killing his opponent even though he is forced to kill Ma Su by deflecting her flying darts after disarming her.

 The Crown Prince (Linzi, I think)

Huang Jing Xiang as Li Longji, who became known as Emperor Xuanzong (seventh emperor of the Tang dynasty, third eldest son of Emperor Ruizong)


Monday, 26 February 2018

A Fox Spirit Story 倩狐传

Directed by Lv Lei, 2017

I could find no information about this beautiful, enchanting film online. Love at first sight between a poor Taoist scholar and a young woman who is cursed with demonic possession and fears both her demonic 'family' and the threat that the fox demon poses to her beloved. However, a couple of demon hunters are there to save the day. They defeat the wicked sister, the evil betrothed and the fat, long-finger-nailed, powerful, overbearing 'grandma.' With the fox demon gone as well, these two sweet young individuals can live happily ever after. I enjoyed it anyway.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Madam Medusa

2010 Digital Remaster by UB40

Medusa by Godmachine

From the land of shadows
Comes a dreadful sight
Lady with the marble smile
Spirit of the night
See the scourge of innocence
Swinging in her hand
Hear the silent suffering
That echoes through the land

From the tombs of ignorance
Of hate and greed and lies
Through the smoke of sacrifice
Watch her figure rise
The sick the poor the old
Basking in her radiance
Men of blood and gold

In her bloody footsteps
Speculators prance
Men of dreams are praying
For that second chance
Round her vacant features
Gilded serpents dance
Her tree of evil knowledge
Sprouts a special branch

Madam Medusa
Madam Medusa
Madam Medusa

Knock her right down
And then she bounce right back
Knock her right down
And then she bounce right back
She gone off her head
We've got to shoot her dead
She gone off her head
We've got to shoot her dead
Run for your life before she eat you alive
Run for your life before she eat you alive
Move out of the way 'cause you're blocking out the day
Move out of the way 'cause you're blocking out the day

Artwork by Brian Allen

Medusa by Rob Shields