Sunday, 4 June 2017

Almost Blue

Almost Blue is a song written and performed by Elvis Costello that’s included on his 1982 album Imperial Bedroom. Some say it was inspired by Chet Baker’s version of the song The Thrill Is Gone. Chet recorded the song for Bruce Weber’s documentary film: Let’s Get Lost (1988) — about Baker’s life. Baker also performed the song at concerts and it was recorded for his last live and most acclaimed album: Chet Baker in Tokyo. The song evokes melancholic and romantic feelings as in most of Chet’s songs.

Almost blue
Almost doing things we used to do
There's a girl here and she's almost you
Almost all the things that your eyes once promised
I see in hers too
Now your eyes are red from crying

Almost blue
Flirting with this disaster became me
It named me as the fool who only aimed to be

Almost blue
It's almost touching it will almost do
There's a part of me that's always true...always
Not all good things come to an end now it is only a chosen few
I've seen such an unhappy couple

Almost me
Almost you
Almost blue 

Chet Baker.  Photo by William Claxton

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